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HMD will introduce a Barbie flip phone this summer

Feb 26, 2024 Chathura Prabhaswara Gamage News 306 hits

HMD will introduce a Barbie flip phone this summer

HMD will introduce a Barbie flip phone this summer

Since last year, HMD has been preparing us for the fact that it is going to start producing its own phones. Earlier this month, it officially confirmed the move , saying goodbye to Nokia phones. She had been producing them until then. But it's true that she didn't completely and utterly end up with Nokia. It basically based its new phones on the same principle as Nokia phones. After all, even the first trailers for HMD models prove it.

After the company HMD presented the first trailers for its phones, it also confirmed that it is going to MWC 2024. The fair officially started today and we have fresh news here, what they presented at the fair and possibly what news they are planning this year.

HMD Global Nokia 2024


HMD did indeed have its launch event at MWC, but it didn't unveil the new phone. She only outlined her plans for the future to fans and the professional public, and her representatives talked about what they are planning specifically for this spring and summer. Now that they have a new partnership with Mattel, we can get ready for Barbie. Well, not for a doll, but for a new flip phone with the motifs of this iconic virgin. Barbie will debut this July/July. And it probably won't surprise anyone that this flip model will be sweet pink and will be a classic retro flip phone. Therefore, let's not expect a phone with a foldable display. HMD representatives did not mention its specifications.

HMD Global Nokia 2024

The other information HMD representatives provided is a bit strange. In the press release, which can be found on their official website , they state that they intend to produce phones under their own brand, but also prepare new Nokia phones. So it's clear that their goodbye wasn't quite final. And the first new Nokia phone is said to be presented in May/May this year. In July, in addition to Barbie, they will present two more phones under the HMD brand. However, neither the Nokia phone nor the other two upcoming phones were mentioned in detail by the manufacturer.

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