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Samsung Isocell HP2 is officially here

Jan 20, 2023 Chathura Prabhaswara Gamage News 467 hits

Samsung Isocell HP2 is officially here

Samsung Isocell HP2 is officially here

Also in this article we will look under the lid of the pot called Samsung. And that's mainly because today was the official presentation of the new 200 MP Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor. It is already the fourth sensor in a row with such a resolution and in a relatively quick succession of several months another sensor after the interesting Isocell HPX sensor . It is also important that the new sensor is tailor-made for premium phones and offers improved pixel technology.


The new Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor is already in serial production. This suggests that the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra phone could theoretically get it. For this phone, tipsters say that it will get a 200 MP sensor , but they have not yet specified the exact type of sensor. They only claimed that the hottest contender was the then unreleased Isocell HP2.


The Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor combines 200 million 0.6 μm pixels in a 1/1.3-inch optical format. This is basically the size of the sensor that is used in the main cameras with a primary sensor of 108 MP resolution. But the advantage is that the new sensor does not take up too much space and therefore does not place higher demands on the size of the camera module. In addition, the Tetra2Pixel technology handles different lighting levels. Depending on its intensity, it adapts to a size of 1.2 μm at a resolution of 50 MP or a size of 2.4 μm at a resolution of 12.5 MP, by combining four to 16 adjacent pixels.


There's also Smart-ISO Pro, which combines different ISO levels from a single exposure to allow the camera to capture 12.5MP images and 4K video at 60fps in HDR quality. The Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor also uses Super QPD technology in low-light environments for faster and more accurate autofocus. In this direction, the new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology is also ready, which will improve overexposed areas in images taken in a sharp transition from dark to light and vice versa. Although Samsung introduced this new sensor today, it did not indicate when and in which phones we will see it.

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