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Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro - first information

Apr 16, 2024 Chathura Prabhaswara Gamage News 419 hits

Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro - first information

Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro - first information

With the Xiaomi 14 Ultra phone , Xiaomi closed this numbered series. But the company has a habit of releasing other flagship phones in the second half of the year. These are primarily intended for global markets. Yes, we are talking about the numbered series, which still has the letter T after the number. Last year, the models from the Xiaomi 13T series reached the global markets, and this year they will be replaced by the Xiaomi 14T models.

Phones from this "dot" series are famous for offering very good parameters, but they are not loaded premium machines. They are more affordable flagships. And we will see such phones again this fall, when, according to the first estimates, the Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro models will arrive. Fresh information on the AndroidHeadlines site brings the first estimates of the specifications that these phones can get.



Information about some specifications of the Xiaomi 14T series phones comes from the source code of Hyper OS. The code shows that the 14T Pro is apparently a rebranded version of the Redmi K70 Ultra. Both phones have the internal designation "rothko" and the model designation "N12". It is therefore likely that their specifications will also be similar, but the Xiaomi 14T phone will still receive some improvements.

For the Xiaomi 4T Pro model, we expect the Dimensity 9300 processor. Also, support for wireless charging, which will be the first in the "dot" line of Xiaomi phones. And the main camera is also expected to have a telephoto lens. In comparison, the Redmi K70 Ultra has a macro lens instead of a telephoto lens. Leica will take care of the optics and camera algorithms.


According to estimates, the Xiaomi 14T series will go to Europe, Japan and other global markets besides India. We can find a difference between the Pro model and the standard 14T model, for example, in the processor used, where the standard version will probably receive a Dimensity 8000 or Dimensity 8200 Ultra chipset. We can also find a difference in charging performance, and the standard model will probably not get wireless charging support. At the moment, however, these are the first estimates, so let's wait for more information.

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