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The Oppo Find X6 is said to have a new rear panel design

Jan 21, 2023 Chathura Prabhaswara Gamage News 484 hits

The Oppo Find X6 is said to have a new rear panel design

The Oppo Find X6 is said to have a new rear panel design

Oppo is slowly gearing up to launch the Oppo Find X6 series of flagship phones. Given that the phones of the Find X series have always been among the best on the market, it is clear that the upcoming X6 models are also of great interest to tipsters and designers. However, it must be said that opinions on the design of the rear panel of the upcoming machines change from month to month.


Before the end of last year, a simple drawing of the back panel of the Oppo Find X6 phone appeared on the network . Its dominant feature was the large circular module of the main camera, which was divided into two halves. There are three sensors in the module, the third one is periscopic according to the square border. Based on this schematic sketch, rendered images were created, which come from the workshop of Japanese designer @SPinfoJ.

 OPPO Find X6

However, a few days ago, real photos of the Find X6 model appeared on the Chinese network, which, on the contrary, showed that the main camera module is large, rectangular and rises significantly above the level of the rear panel. But the distribution of the sensors was the same as for the circular module. And to top it all off, we have new renders that once again show the circular camera module. And in addition, a two-tone back panel, where one part of it is shiny and the other part is covered with artificial leather. The divide between these two distinct back sections then runs through the center of the camera module, also dividing it into two differently textured halves. We also see the Hasselblad and MariSilicon label in the module. So the new rendered image deviates from what we've seen so far, so let's take it with a grain of salt.

 OPPO Find X6

In addition to the render, information about the display of the Oppo Find X6 series phones also appeared on the Chinese network and was shared by the well-known tipster Digital Chat Station . He claims that this year the manufacturer will reach for different screens than in previous years. The standard model is said to get a 6.74-inch curved AMOLED display with an atypical resolution of 2772 × 1240 pixels, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and support for 2160 Hz PWM dimming. The Find X6 Pro model will have a 6.8 or 6.9-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 3168 × 1440 pixels and LTPO technology, which will allow the screen's refresh rate to be dynamically adjusted. The brightness of the display is said to be up to 1800 nits, which is a very decent level.

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