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The vivo company presents the vivo X Fold+ model

Sep 29, 2022 Administrator News 382 hits

The vivo company presents the vivo X Fold+ model

The vivo company presents the vivo X Fold+ model

vivo has officially introduced a new product from the X Fold series of folding smartphones, the X Fold+ model. This novelty for the Chinese market follows the design of its predecessor. Continuing to use aircraft-grade aluminum, it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ platform. It also has its own security chip as well as an improved battery and camera. In addition to the existing blue and gray color versions, the X Fold+ also brings an oriental red color.


Following on from the previous generation, the X Fold+ brings the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform in combination with vivo 's own mobile security chip . The chipset uses a 4-nanometer process with higher performance and lower power consumption. In terms of battery life, vivo has increased the battery capacity of the X Fold+ to 4730 mAh. And that without increasing the size and weight of the device. Which, according to vivo's lab tests, improves overall battery life by more than 20%.

In addition to the larger battery, the X Fold+ now also charges faster compared to its predecessor. It has 80W wired and 50W vivo FlashCharge wireless charging. This can already be seen with the current European flagship vivo X80 Pro. Cable charging allows the smartphone to be charged from 1 to 70% capacity in just 18 minutes. A full charge takes 35 minutes. vivo FlashCharge wireless technology allows the battery to be recharged in almost 53 minutes.

 VIVO X Fold

In addition, the X Fold+ model comes standard with an exclusive charger with two USB-C sockets based on gallium nitride, which allows charging multiple devices.


The X Fold+ improves the folding screen experience by now supporting a 120Hz refresh rate on both its displays – external and internal. The internal 8-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1916 thus allows for a consistent visual experience when switching between the internal and external screens, as well as a smoother image response when switching between application screens.

It is worth noting that vivo X Fold+ is equipped with 3D ultrasonic fingerprint readers on the inner and outer screens, which ensure faster unlocking, higher security and better usability regardless of the surrounding conditions. The large internal display also offers improved split-screen viewing. This means that users can open two windows in the foreground, complement four applications at the same time with two split-screen windows, and all this with up to twelve windows in the background. On the top side, the vivo X Fold+ supports the so-called "Speaker mode". Then notes can be displayed on the bottom of the screen and PowerPoint presentations on the top, so users can wirelessly mirror the presentation content on the larger screen.

 VIVO X Fold


vivo X Fold+ brings improved camera sensors that are the result of vivo's partnership with ZEISS Global Imaging. This includes optimizing the existing optics, especially in terms of the improved size of the lens, equipped with the ZEISS T coating. This reduces flare and improves visible light transmission, leading to better image quality and color reproduction accuracy. Optics now include a full-focal-length quad camera setup and add a periscope lens with 5x optical and 60x digital zoom with optical image stabilization. Thanks to its features, SX Fold+ users can also take selfies using the main camera, which offers better resolution, greater light sensitivity and a wider field of view.

 VIVO X Fold


The X Fold+ model continues the design elements of its predecessor. In addition to the blue and gray color versions, the X Fold+ now also adds a distinctive shade of red. vivo emphasized during the presentation that it is marketing this device as a device available exclusively in the Chinese market. We still have no idea if this situation will change.

See Full Specification of VIVO X FOLD PLUS Click Here

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