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Moto Razr 2022 is apparently going to global markets

Sep 22, 2022 Chathura Prabhaswara Gamage News 431 hits

Moto Razr 2022 is apparently going to global markets

Motorola introduced the Moto Razr 2022 foldable phone and the premium classic Moto X30 Pro in the Chinese market in mid-August . Both phones scored well in China and it was good news for us global users that both are most likely to make it to markets outside their homeland. In the case of the classic phone, we have already waited, because the manufacturer introduced it in Europe a few days ago under the trade name Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. But we're still waiting for the foldable Razr. But according to the new promo pictures, the wait might not be long.


Official renders of the Moto Razr 2022 foldable phone were posted on Twitter by well-known tipster Evan Blass. He adds that the images highlight the main details of the phone and therefore it is likely that Motorola is preparing it to go to global markets. Another proof that the phone is coming outside of China is a picture of the display with English text on it. The original renders of the Razr had display labels in Chinese characters. It is therefore likely that the new promo images are intended for Motorola's global website.

 Motorola Razr
 Motorola Razr

We can also notice that the WhatsApp application is running on the display and there is a mention of the city of Portland, which is located in the northwest of the US state of Oregon. But it's hard to say if this is an indication that the foldable Moto Razr 2022 will be sold in the US market. The WhatsApp application is not as popular there as, for example, in Europe.

 Motorola Razr

As for the appearance of the phone itself, it is the same as the Chinese version. So if we consider that in the new promo images the version is global. The main camera has two sensors and we can find a selfie camera on the internal display. The images also highlight that the fingerprint sensor is located on the edge of the phone and it also has water resistance. It is clear that all the specifications remain the same as in China, but we lack confirmation from the manufacturer if and when it will send the Moto Razr 2022 phone to global markets.

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