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Google Pixel 6a was a very pleasant surprise in DxOMark

Aug 08, 2022 Administrator News 235 hits

Google Pixel 6a was a very pleasant surprise in DxOMark

Google's Pixel series phones have been known for their very solid camera results for some time now. On paper, the parameters usually do not look impressive, but in real tests the cameras compete with much more expensive rivals. After all, Pixels are never aimed directly at the high-end segment and are in the middle or upper middle class. The current Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models fulfill this to the letter, and the first one in particular beats the more expensive competition. But how did the latest lightweight version of the Pixel 6a fare in the prestigious DxOMark server tests ?

We can already say that very well. The Google Pixel 6a is sold around the world for about $449, and for your money you get a really solid camera phone with everything. The tests on DxOMark are quite detailed and the new Pixel received a lot of attention. The achieved total of 130 points is enough for the 21st position in the ranking, as the absolute cheapest phone far and wide. For example, the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 Pro Max achieved the same result. Decent company. All this with just a pair of 12 MP sensors, so the number of megapixels really doesn't matter.



Reviewers generally praised the images' accurate and vivid colors, as well as good exposure and dynamic range. Video stabilization was also praised. The reserves are then in the level of noise, the loss of details in poor lighting and in general the absence of zoom options. After all, the telephoto sensor is missing, but again we have to primarily look at the phone's price tag. It's almost a miracle that the Pixel 6a comes close to matching the qualities of its better-equipped siblings. After all, in the category of phones for 400-600 dollars, only the Pixel 6 is better. The only drawback is the weaker performance of the selfie camera, but that is a blessing to the gods.

The phone's display also performed very well in the tests, although of course it suffers from "only" a 60 Hz refresh rate. Even so, the 6.1-inch FullHD+ OLED is above average and is enough in its category (again $400-600) for a nice fourth place. The complaints about poor legibility in direct sunlight are not exactly flattering... Anyway, the Pixel 6a is a very interesting piece and will be appreciated by photographers with deeper pockets.

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